(Each group - record responses)

What have you tried?

  • Wall wisher, motivational poster, photo story, understanding by design project using photo story to present it, I movie, live web cast, Google earth project to investigate different types of communities- worked with the librarian to bring in children’s literature, pose questions to the staff regarding 21St century skills and they had to blog on them – using google blog; audacity; scholastic new interactive

    What's Working? How do you know?
  • Engagement from the kids, kids are motivated
  • group work, collaboration in groups increases learning; but managing the second grade groups is hard- they get off task, social skills are still being developed-working on getting along
  • students like to explore and answer further questions by researching more information
  • cross curricular conections

What are your next steps?

  • Developing units that reach 21st century standards and cross curricular content
  • students learning and utilizing Office Tools
  • more UBD projects
  • continue to collaborate with teachers, support staff, and educators


What is 21st Century Learning?