What you Learned – 21st Century Learning Connection?
How will you use it or apply it?
Barb Voget
5th grade-MVES
  • * year long project
  • wikis for lit. circles
  • mirror neurons
  • more/less chart
  • projects for 5th graders that show their expertise
  • set up wikis for books
  • more modeling
  • more/less chart for staff showing what should be in classrooms
Becki Pedersen
2nd grade-MVES

  • change of teacher's mindset
  • I learned more about Active Learning Strategies; what they are, and what they aren't. We need to do more projects, movements, role playing, writing, technology, collaboration, and challenging problems and less worksheets, demonstrations, lectures, memorization, videos, and reteaching.
Have more role-playing, use photostory more often, using digital cameras more
Christa Herring
Prairie Hills Elem.-RTI/AVID coordinator


  • common core standards nationwide-fewer, clearer, higher
  • teacher effectiveness- By truly engaging students and teaching personal skill development(character), rigor and relevance will follow
  • Prezi & PB Works(Wikis)
Making things relevant to children and making significant connections with children
Heather Lindquist
4th grade MVES
-teaching kids to think critically/informational literacy
-using tech. tools effectively vs. just having them take up space
-accessing expertise
-providing more opportunities for invention
using tasks on allabout as a springboard to teach students how to evaluate information on the internet

use digital storytelling/claymation