What you Learned – 21st Century Learning Connection?
How will you use it or apply it?
Tiffanie Davis
Pine Creek/computer art
Books by Leaonard Sax:
Why Gender Matters

Boys Adrift

QR code generator
Model Schools
Need everyone on board to change the culture
Gender differences sessions: I did not really understand why things were happening in my classroom. for example: Don't sit boys close to windows because they are in motion. Girls are more sensitive to sound. Details are not a guy thing. Boys are builders. Boys must be inspired girls care about what you think.

Differentiation by gender

How to grade in Quad D: Get rid of ABCDF Grade on a 4 point scale.

New Hampshire School District Model - learning in the real world to get credit. Teachers become facilitators. Top down expectation and culture change.
Will change differentiaton strategies

Change grading system....How do I do this? Bring in Jeff Flygare, he is doing this at AAHS for the 2nd year
Nancy Spalding
DCC/ computer -record and deliver a message so you don't have to talk to them.
The internet without process is like cocoa puffs kids go cuckoo for it but does not have much nutritional value.

Integrating google earth with instruction as a charismatic leader: Get kids to think about how life happens, connection to their world

Web 2.0 - anyone can be a publisher to the web

10 pitfalls to avoid when using open source NOT GOOD
Use google earth in classes this year. Developed a matrix for the different tools I will use for my different classes.

strategies for creating user id's so kids can remember and they are anonymous
Don Spano
Challenger 7/ SS
Instructional Strategies Handbook

Rigor and Relevance from concept to reality

It's not Us Against them: Creating the schools we need

Rigor and Relevance Handbook
Model Schools Conference
Only conference that every speaker had a common thread in everything they said:
Rigor, Relevance, Relationship

Focus was not on model school because most were HS.

Quad D learning and Differentiation - helped me focus on the skills needed to get to Quad D

RTI level 1 and 2 intervention ideas
Collaborative learning. Changed his 21st century skills rubric.

PD for staff will be on Rigor and Relevance with focus critical thinking and reasoning.

Rollout standards next year for his content area so will prepare this in the next year.
Tony Pimental
Timberview/ 8/SS

rootzone database - when you do a search you get the article from pakistan instead of from the US perspective. - tells you who claims responsibility for a webpage
ISTE - So much going on. Tools vs content and learning
Interactive video conferencing CLIC - center learning interactive???

visitng museums through video conferencing. They are standards based and will send materials.

Digital storytelling and second life - Where's the Beef? Get past the tools and let's do some real learning.

November says Empathy is the biggest understanding we need for students.

I'm a dinosaur.

Google Tools - Google forms with polling for student input
Will find new ways to do current events.

Avoided technology so will make an effort to look at these tools and use them more.

Use Google Earth for Civil War and other historical things.
Susan Murray
Pine Creek/German
wolfram alpha site

Bloom's Digital Taxonomy
Model Schools
Rigor Relevance and Relationship mentioned everywhere. Too much self promotion going on at this conference.

We have heard many of the things here in our district already. This is awesome since our district has already given us a foundation for what we were learning.

Quad D - How do I get there?

How to Teach for Rigor and Relevance - Instructional Strategies.

Using Quad D in planning - the decision tree

Quad D for me as a teacher. Evaluation - what am I doing and how am I doing it.

Gender differences and relationships - we need to build relationships

Science is important
Need ideas and ways to transfer this into our buildings. How do we do this?

get to know my students better
Denise Gardiner
Pine Creek/CIS - a tool for mind mapping
Model Schools
Rigor, Relevance, and Relationship: Thought it was old news but in a new package.
Media Smackers : Bloom's order changed evaluation and synthesizer
Mission Matters - Must have everyone living the mission.

Mindset defined- How to transform from a negative to a positive mindset. Adults must be dynmaic and charismatic not just a role model. Students must know you care not interested in what you know. Display empathy and personal control and ownership so students will too.

Islands of competence so they avoid drowning in oceans of inadequacy

provide students with the opportunity to contribute to the good of others. Ask them to help others not volunteer.

Effective teaching - blue collar workers now have a higher reading requirement than white collar workers.

All assignments in all classes are graded on(in this order):
oral communication
written communication
work ethic
tech literacy
critical thinking
global and community engagement
Talk about the mission statement regularly in PD and daily conversation.

Would like to find more tools for mind mapping to use with students.

Student led conferences and the democratic classroom.

Get kids reading more non-fiction