(Each group - record responses)

What have you tried?

  • Group work
  • including Glogster,
  • Wordle,
  • PhotoStory-video cameras
  • tying in real world connections
  • Journey North,
  • collaboration
  • reading aloud from Kindle

What's Working? How do you know?

  • collaboration among the students - all working together and excited about it
  • working with 2.0 tools but need more tech support to make sure things work
  • work in small increments to make sure technology piece works

What are your next steps?

  • We need more time
  • tech support and curricular integration
  • resources
  • more education for staff that has not been involved in the Cadre
  • more training in Alec for students so that we can decrease student work
  • word processing skills for students
  • kids instant messaging each other


What is 21st Century Learning?