(Each group - record responses)

What have you tried?

  • We've taken the theme making connections to try to take what we already have and use and just tweak things to make them more 21st century.
  • Kept things hand on so that people can see it's not all about computers/technology.
  • Break out sessions- Voice-thread, Glogster, Microsoft word/PPT, digital storytelling
  • Technology class after school to teach those tech skills for 21st Century
  • Tried a Ning with classroom Mrs Driver's Ning and do E-pals with kids in England.
  • Tried a wiki(whole school) for parents, teachers, students
  • Blog PHE AVID
  • Not using textbooks as much--kids using internet and researching- collaboration, self direction
  • Voice-thread for parent conferences- took pictures of all pieces and made voice- thread. Student led conferences.
  • Wiki for classroom- explorer names assigned for alias Pantano Wiki
  • Type with me- set up url and give to kids
  • Wordle
  • Google Apps

What's Working? How do you know?

  • Taking what they already know and do and showing how it really is 21st Century
  • Less use of textbooks- more web-quests
  • Debate with moderator
  • Blogging
  • Math using Voicethread- gave kids a concept- they had to teach it- self directed.
  • Type with me
  • Wallwisher for answering reading questions
  • Wordle for character traits, historical figures

What are your next steps?

  • Type with me (explorers/ historical figures) with other schools.
  • Expanding blogs/wikis
  • more international/global



What is 21st Century Learning?

Project Collaboration