Please type notes here from your discussion. Indicate who shared the information and what school and subject area.

What have you tried?
  • More creativity exercises (Karen Winfield-Liberty)
  • Posters and infographs (Tiffanie Davis-Pine Creek)
  • Recording classes on Captivate (Tiffanie)
  • Blog for AP students--needs more work (Karen)
  • Change in grading (Tiffanie)
  • Created Prezi presentations for classes (Karen and Tiffanie)
What's working? How do you know?
  • Inforgraphs engaged students, learned from doing the research and from the process. Advanced class will produce better finished product.
  • Creativity exercises definitely engage students and they benefit from seeing others' solutions.
  • Recording demonstrations help students who need to see information again.
  • Others are still in progress and being refined.
  • Students enjoy Prezi

What will be your next steps?

  • Work out standards-based grading so that it can be compatible with IC
  • Put more of an emphasis on blog for AP so that students will participate more.
  • Facebook account as teacher for questions, input, etc. (Tiffanie)
  • Get feedback from students as to what is and isn't working for them.
  • Would like students to use Prezi

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