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What have you tried?
  • Nancy Spalding - DCC - I have used ALEC for the first time. It's been good for resources so I don't have to copy them. It's been good for getting electronic assignments.
  • Denise Gardiner - PCHS - Game Contest in Game Programming where students collaborate in teams. There are "winners" which students are still talking about. It built relationships (students had to work together).
  • Amy Murrell - TMS - Uses Alec for two years now. She added a reflection piece (metacognition) on her Alec assignments. Kids have to pick two 21st Century skills and had them concentrate on them. 21st Century is not just technology. Kids have had to dig deeper into the range of skills that they used.
  • Christine Schein - EAC/DCC I have worked with teachers to to share the 21st Century skills, Quadrant D and UbD with thier staff
What's working? How do you know?
  • DG - Students are asking for more collaboration activities like contests. It engaged them, motivated them and getting the "prize" of doing the best game. Group competition turned into something they really liked.
  • Michael Pollard PCHS - Doing more group work and in-group teaching. Students are doing more teaching of themselves, and takes the same amount of time as if he taught it. Students' learning is deeper because they teach each other.
  • AM - Students are engaged, accountable, groups are more effective now that they have individual requirements.
  • NS - Alec has allowed me to get out a lot of content without standing in front of them. They have resources they can return to if they don't understand it.
  • CS - using UbD and Quadrant D as a basis for lesson planning has helped me emphasize the learning that is important

What will be your next steps?

  • NS - Learn how to use my TriCaster in Video Production.
  • DG - Ramp up use of Alec, and cut down on MLG. Have a visual component (graphics programming). Have programs that manipulate images.
  • MP - To review the effectiveness of what I've done.
  • AM - Learn how to use new studio and re-evaluate what's effective.
  • CS - Working with teachers at the Innovative learning schools to continue with professional growth and reflection

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