Reflections on Learning
July 19, 8:00 am - 12:00 noon (EAC Spruce 1 & 2) and
July 27, 12:00 noon - 4:00 pm (Challenger Middle School Discovery Rooms)

Introductions & Announcements
Nancy, Discovery Room, Challenger Middle School
Scenario Based Learning - A Simulation
Guest Presenter: Richard White
21st Century Connection
Directions for small groups
Small Group Reflection
Discovery Rooms (see group assignments below)
Sit by school/level groups

//Update your guiding questions/goals textbox on your page of the Ning.
  • In your textbox, indicate what change you will be putting in place this coming school year to impact 21st century learning in your classroom.
  • Share with your group.
Big Ideas
Recommendations going forward

Model Schools Conference


Group Reflections

Group 1 Christy, Michael A., Susan M, Marise, Amy, Karen (Secondary) - Spruce 1 -Linda
Group 2 Susan R., Mary B., Angela, Rachel, Phil, Becky P. (Elementary) Spruce 2 - Nancy
Group 3 Rachael, Leni, Koryn, Becky M., Dinah (Kinder) - Cottonwood - Michael
Group 4 Christa, Becki, Barb, Heather, , Jennifer (Elementary) - Maple - Lori
Group 5 (moved to Group 9)
Group 6 Scott, Laura, Michael P., Jon, Denise, Christine (Secondary) - Christine
Group 7 Tiffanie, Nancy S., Tony, Don, Susan M. (Secondary) - Linda
Group 8 Sona, Rhonda, Birgitta, Wendy, April, Marise (Secondary) - Wendy
Group 9 Mary M., Darlene, Diane, Rachael, Margy, Treg, Dave (Elementary) - Nancy