What you Learned – 21st Century Learning Connection?
How will you use it or apply it?
Mary Bauer

Gary Stager
Mash ups
Advice - don't get into project based learning until around October.
Susan Rangel
iTunes podcasts - Sesame Street

Write a grant to get iPods

-"Step it up"
Angela Salazar

see MCS resources, Susan Kavolik presentation
Model School conference focused on rigor, relevance and relationships. Best practices leading to next practices and think outside the box --build a new box.

We should have a 3 year plan

Gender Differences - Susan Kavolik

Quadrant D

Rap Rhythm and Rhyme
Do a full year project - looking at buiding trains - using the vocabulary (Spanish)
Becky Pantano
4th grade PH
Rigor Relevance & Relationships - big

Role of teacher is a guide

We are not preparing students for success in the workplace -technology is a tool that can help

Wikis - big tool (PB Wiki) - attending free online class that gets you a free upgrade

itunes University

Project Netal -

Setting up a wiki

Yearlong research project, "What is Your Passion?"
Rachel Miller
2nd Grade/DV

Will implement a classroom blog.

Will use audacity to practice fluency

Thinking about using Skype to stay in touch with students who move away and put students in touch who move there later
Phil Williams

Rigor/Relevance and Quadrant D.

Gender differences - important to show connection between subject areas to kids
Reading, Writing, Social Studies & Math - revised scope and & sequence to make more relevanat to students.

Its ok to fail. Try one - three things that will deliver the most "bang for the buck" in helping students develop 21st century skills.