What you Learned – 21st Century Learning Connection?
How will you use it or apply it?
Darlene McPherson
RCE - 3rd Grade
Check out My StoryMaker
Great for story elements

ePearl - easy portfolio development - open source
ISTE - Session: 10 Webtools to make learning and your classroom even better. Great resources.
Creativity, collaboration, literacy information (other search engines)
Session: e-Portfolio Workshop, ePearl. Simple, practical for student reflection, etc. Ownership for students, planning. Allows for feedback.
My Storymaker: for creativity


epals - accessable to
Mary Montero
RCE - 3rd Grade
Easy Integration - technology tools
Read, Write Think: Thinkfinity
Learning.com - fee based
Technology, collaboration

Scholastic News - interactive - looked great. Current events
Wordle: brainstorm character traits about themselves
Nancy White

Nancy presented:
Learning Tools Smackdown - fabulous tools
Tools on the Learning Smackdown wiki supports many 21st century skills

New Hampshire Initiative: no more seat time, credit for life experiences. will wipe out 50% traditional schools. Not so much face to face teaching but being out in the field with students.

EES -4th Grade

Model Schools Conference
More philosophical rather than applicable
Not sure what to put in "the new box"

Bill Daggett - inspirational...
Dave's thought...Now What?

Personal Relationships - connect with kids

RCE - Kindergarten

Model Schools - reinforced what she is already doing in her classroom and at RCE

RTI is similiar to medical treatment: treat issue and move on. Figure out individual issues.

EES - 3rd grade

Model Schools -
Creating a "new box".
Do not recreate the wheel - modify, tweaking
Don't make it overwhelming - small bites
Inspired by the conference - purchased book: The Daily Five
urgency and stamina vs relevant
Present to staff: baby steps

Gender differences - boys write with verbs, girls write with nouns
Incorporate The Daily Five
EES - 2nd grade
Ma and Pa Kettle Math VideoModel Schools

Erik Cork
Model Schools
Struggling learners will not embrace technology necessarily
Start again "Differently": Connect with students in a non-academic way: keep track of who you have connected with
Erik Cork - Rap, Rhythm and Rhyme
Change the beginning of the school year: like a summer camp - get them excited, do a simulation.
Implementing a Toy Story theme, bring a toy...
To access
- graphing
-research a toy (where is it from - neighborhood connection)
- writing
RCE - 5th Grade

Model Schools
Not "best practice" but "next practice"