What you Learned – 21st Century Learning Connection?
How will you use it or apply it?
Amy Murrell
Timberview Middle School
Technology 6-8
Model School Conference
Quadrant D learning -- See Amy's blog post at the link. There is a lot of information and notes to review. I need to be more collaborative. Use the word Engagement instead of motivation. Visit other classrooms to see what your students are learning and what other teachers are teaching.

Cross Disciplinary classes
Collaboration with colleagues, build relationships with students. Become a member of Successful Practices Network with lessons that are already designed for Quad D learning. Individual membership is 85.00 until the end of July.
Danielle Horner
Timberview Middle School/ Resource and 8th grade

Discover how tech transforms learning for students and parents.
As a perent it became apparent that we need to help parents understand 21st Century learning. I need to find ways to bring my parents along with the students. We should not assume that parents know about technology.
Tech night for parents
Educate the parents, How do I differentiate instruction for parents?
Michael Arsenault
Pine Creek/Academy Online School
Using your own devices wherever you are.
Backchanneling - 30 students = free

Mastery in education

Switch by the Heath brothers
Allow students to select their own classes based on their own interests. for example: guitar - write music, go through standards and select the items they need and meet to see that they are proficient in their "self made class".

Appeal to emotion of the student
Phil McIntosh
Challenger 7th grade Math

Model schools Conference
Inspiring to be around people on the same track with the same goal. Need to send teachers that are not 21st Century focused.

"Build a new Box"
Quadrant D
Shifting to Mastery Learning
Woodland Park classroom

Secrets of a Buckaneer Scholar - Bak
The Shallows
Rethink grading policy and won't be weighting assignments

Advance students only when they have mastered a skill

Democratic classroom - tools available everyday for every student
Christy Fisher
Liberty HS - English

Overwhelming because it was huge. Glad I used the planner and signed up for bring your own laptop sessions.

Poster Sessions - collaborative groups forming

Zotero - Great concept but memory may be a problem because it is saved on the machine. Evernote is another option

Backchanneling - likes the ability to have this be anonymous.

10 web tools for the classroom - this was geared more towards elementary. Capzles = timeline tool
Will find a resource for students to keep track of all of their resource materials when doing research.

Will look into using backchanneling in the classroom.

Use Capzles for autobiography project
Karen Winfield
Art -Liberty HS

Instilling a sense of purpose as motivation. We can't wait 20 years, we need to change now. Global issues and concerns need solutions so problem solving is important at all levels.

Help teachers to keep their sense of purpose as well as the students

Dealing with Creativity and 21st Century Skills - We don't necessarily need tech tools to do this. Change instruction to go with tools not using tools to change instruction.
Collaboration with students. Have students reflect and share their work. Provide feedback. Give students a different audience, not just the teacher's feedback.

Take time to stop in the middle of projects to give feedback before taking the next step . Informal feedback.