What you Learned – 21st Century Learning Connection?
How will you use it or apply it?

Kindergarteners can blog. Group of teachers from Australia, Canada and the Midwest.
Connected with each other. Students all had the their own blog accounts.
Issues with parent permissions? Would need to work towards it so that the appropriate permissions were obtained. Would need to be controlled, etc., in order to get parent buy in. Needs to be very clear.
Might modify Star Student/student of the week, etc.
Bear thing (like Flat Stanley, but with a bear). Could send bears around the country or world and have recipients comment, etc.
Parents would not initially comment at the beginning.
Becky M.
Tammy Worchester session. Skype and Blogger. Can add pages in Blogger now. Tell parents that you're going to do it at back to school night, and then invite them to express concerns. Voceroo - voice recordings.
Will have a "comments" page.
Use Voceroo to talk about what what they learned today and put on the blog.
Color of the week. Kids will take the photos (colors or letter words), and send to teacher to post on the blog.
Kindergarten (tumble books)
PoddyTraining for kindergarten. iPods. An all-girl schools. Class set of iPods. Can download phonemic awareness games, etc., in an iPod cart and it will synch to all the iPods. Recorders for nursery rhymes. Listen to others read, and listen to themselves read.
PBS - creating educational "bunches" - packages with a video, story, game, and lesson plan.
Write grant for iPod labs. Flip video for "Word on the Street" - talk about high level word (like concentrate) - interview "famous people".
Use PBS games on computer stations.
Media Specialist

Model Schools Conference - Orlando. Focus on big ideas in education. What we need to do to start preparing/getting ready for.
Reality of where we're at - the most adaptable survive. Move from best practices to next practices. Currently using technology to do what we have always done. Get a new box. Not how we adapt computers to do this or that, but how do we change and get a new box. More about culture. Not, what is the answer, but what are the answers?
Marshmallow/spaghetti building exercise - kindergarten did better than others because they weren't afraid.
Authentic Assessment - work with classes to come up with scenario-based projects. Bring others in (either real or "role playing") to make it more relevant.
Butterfly unit with Journey North site.