Please type notes here from your discussion. Indicate who shared the information and what school and subject area.

What have you tried?
  • Mastery Learning - Jon Lenig (Liberty - Science), Phil McIntosh (Challenger - Math)
  • Collaborative Learning - groups, self choice and teacher grouping, small and large projects and learning objectives - all
  • Hands on Technology Labs - Spark System labs - Scott Grumann (Science - Challenger)
  • Real World Application - National Park, Water unit, Energy unit - Laura Laycock- (Challenger Science)
  • Self paced learning - Michael Arsenault (Math - Online HS), Phil McIntosh and Jon Lenig
  • Authentic Assessments - All
  • Unlimited quiz and test attempts - Phil,Jon
  • Multiple quiz and test attemps allowed - Laura,Scott, Michael

What's working? How do you know?
  • Unlimited attempts - Jon - Students have to master at 80% or score score remains a 0. Students talking about material in class. Modeling. Studying to own learning. Lower failure rate than in the past.
  • Phil - 75% requirement to move on. Students can set the bar higher - kids are talking about the problems. Actively involved in class. Show notes, work, process. Pre and post tests - 20 - 30% increase in scores.
  • Laura - Groups - learning to work with different people. Actively engaged in projects. Higher test scores on semester final for those questions where we worked in groups.
  • Laura - Real World/Authentic assessments - more engagement, higher retention, better conversations in class, ability to make connections with prior and subsequent learning, and interdisciplinary connections.
  • All - Better connections with students, building relationships.

What will be your next steps?

  • Refine and evaluate what we are doing.
  • Parent survey - improve videos, educate parents on value of learning as opposed to teaching
  • Continue to build individual relationships, know students
  • Culture change - mastery vs. participation
  • Scaffold change.
  • Create, build, collect and collate banks of good resources, but provide them as individuals need.
  • Teach how to make effective choices from resources available

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